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A Guide to Gating Systems

From Sprues, Runners, and Gates to manufacturability, this free 17-page guide will help you design better for the molding process expediting your time to market. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How gating systems impact quality & cost of injection-molded parts
  • Why gate size & type depends on material and part complexity
  • Tips for optimizing your part design to ensure proper gate location 
  • Six common types of gates that Xcentric designs for customers



Why Gating Matters

Gating systems play a critical role in manufacturing high-quality injection-molded parts. Xcentric's mold design experts will consider your design intent, performance and cosmetic expectations, and the material being molded to determine the optimal gating system. In plastic injection molding, the gating system impacts the cost, quality, and performance of the parts being molded. Optimizing the system for size and location is essential for achieving structural, operational, and cosmetic expectations.

Domestic Rapid Manufacturing for 25 Years

Xcentric was founded in 1996 with two production facilities in Michigan. We specialize in simple to complex geometries, overmolding, insert molding, and tight tolerances. Agile manufacturing services produce prototypes in as few as 5 business days and then quickly scale production for low- and high-volume runs.

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