Webinar Replay: Applying Agile Principles to Medical Device Product Development

The ability to rapidly iterate on a product design enables engineers to more confidently innovate and add new features to their products. In this DesignNews webinar, sponsored and delivered by Xcentric, you will learn how medical device OEMs are leveraging simulation and rapid physical prototyping to prove out new product features while not only maintaining launch timelines but also vastly reducing product and production risks.

Watch the video with discussion topics:

  • How to leverage simulation and rapid prototyping in your development process
  • When to use 3D Printing and Rapid Injection Molding Prototyping to enable product prove-out
  • Examination of traditional waterfall product development compared with agile hardware product development
  • Strategies to incorporate agile iterations in your product development process
  • Examples of how Medical Device OEMs have successfully leveraged Agile principles to deliver life-changing products to market

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DesignNews Webinar #1 -Video Replay