Where 3D Printing Fits in Product Development WATCH NOW image

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing provides the unique opportunity to quickly and inexpensively transform ideas into physical parts. From creating parts for concept prove-out, to producing small batches of parts for startups or bridge production, 3D Printing offers advantages that other manufacturing technologies can't match. And, knowing the limitations of Additive Manufacturing can help you avoid unnecessary delays, costs, and frustrations during product development. Xcentric prototyping expert Drew Davis will reviews where 3D Printing fits best, how and when to use it for production, and when it's best to leverage other manufacturing technologies.

You will learn:

  • Where 3D Printing fits well in the product development cycle
  • When 3D Printing is acceptable for production
  • The barriers to 3D Printing as an "end-use"
  • When to switch from 3D Printing to Injection Molding

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